Engineers’ Week at the University of Florida is a two-week celebration, hosted by the Benton Engineering Council through UF’s College of Engineering, that aims to recognize engineers’ contribution to modern social development through a series of fun, interactive, and informative events. While Engineers’ Week aims to celebrate engineers, the events also underscore the relationship between engineering and all other fields of study, from fine arts and journalism to liberal arts and social sciences.

Engineers’ Week at the University of Florida began in 1945 with the Engineering and Science Fair (E-Fair). E-Fair today is a two-day event that invites 1,500 elementary, middle, and high school students from all parts of Florida to participate in Engineers’ Week through campus tours and interactive activity booths showcasing students’ success and achievements as Gator Engineers. The Engineering and Science Fair yielded UF’s first Engineers’ Week in 1951, which has grown tremendously in the past decades through the development of various exciting events that celebrate modern engineering.

Today, Benton Engineering Council and various student organizations within the college of engineering host the many events that embody Engineers’ Week. While the events are very different from one another, events like Engineering Leadership Forum promote professionalism, others like Engineering and Science Fair promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, while the remaining promote enjoyment through the celebration of engineering.

The events are highly anticipated and heavily attended by students at the university as well as those at elementary, middle, high schools throughout the state. While Engineers’ Week at the University of Florida aims to celebrate innovation, it highlights Gator Engineering through the collaborative, communicative, and interdisciplinary nature that serves as the driving force for social progress through modern engineering.