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Published: September 14th, 2015

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Engineers’ Week 2016 Assistant Directors

Engineers’ Week at the University of Florida is a two-week celebration, hosted by the Benton Engineering Council through UF’s College of Engineering, that aims to recognize engineers’ contribution to modern social development through a series of fun, interactive, and informative events. While Engineers’ Week aims to celebrate engineers, the events also underscore the relationship between engineering and all other fields of study, from fine arts and journalism to liberal arts and social sciences.

Engineering Homecoming Float Director(s)

It is time once again to celebrate the College of Engineering at one of the University of Florida’s greatest traditions, the Homecoming Parade! Directing the design and construction of the Benton Engineering Council’s homecoming float is an outstanding opportunity to use your creativity with other engineers to develop the best float of the parade! As the Homecoming Float Director, you will be responsible for creating the theme for this year’s float, overseeing the BEC Homecoming Float Build Committee, and, of course, running the builds themselves! Let’s continue the BEC’s success in the Homecoming Parade and engineer another excellent float this year!

Dance Marathon Director

It’s the time of year for Dance Marathon activities to start up once again! BEC is looking to seriously expand our efforts this year with our team and how the College of Engineering helps in this great cause. We are looking to fill the position of a new executive director who will work as a co-delegate with the BEC VP of Programs, Michael Chen, and help plan fundraisers, recruit participants, and fulfill any other responsibilities necessary to develop BEC’s Dance Marathon team to it’s maximum potential.