Published: April 6th, 2013

Category: Best Practices

Does your society excel at conducting outreach events? Share your best events, tips for success, and event details below!


Best Practices

TimestampSociety NameBest Practice CategoryBest Practice Summary
IIECorporate OutreachCorporate outreach is best achieved through mutually beneficial long-term relationships. To get new professional contacts/speakers, our initial email explains the benefits the speaker and the students will receive and contains a Sponsorship Package to inform representatives of all the opportunities of partnering with us.
American Nuclear SocietyCommunication, Outreach EventsWe have contacted the Energy Information Center to help our organization with communications, specifically training our members on how to write and place op-ed pieces in newspapers around the state.
Institute of Transportation EngineersMembership, OutreachAs ITE has been a smaller organization over the past few years, the new executive board of ITE has set a goal to increase the membership of the organization by reaching out to a variety of students, both undergraduates and graduates. Our vice president has attended several undergraduate and graduate classes to talk about ITE and what it is all about. We have had some success in this endeavor and are still determining the best ways to reach out to students who may be interested in our organization. We continue to hope to increase our membership throughout the academic year.
AIAAOutreachAs Publicity Director my main duty is to advertise our meetings and events and to get the most people to come out to our programs.
9/20/2015BEC Leadership RetreatCorporate OutreachHave companies provide food at info sessions x5
When meeting a recruiter, ask for a business card and save everyone’s contact info in a spreadsheet. x2
Communication with alumni who are in corporate positions x4
Mentorship with corporate alumni x1
Connections with whom members who have interned with in the past x2
Sponsorship: Reach out to companies for sponsorship, and in return the receive sponsorship appreciation gifts, Sponsor “Drive Day” etc. x3
Leverage the CRC for company contact info x1
Kim Jacobs, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations x3
Skype sessions with recruiters or alumni x1
Corporate dinners/recruiter-student events
Info Sessions
Develop a corporate sponsorship packet with different tiers of sponsorship and how that benefits the company.
9/20/2015BEC Leadership RetreatMember RecruitmentMentor/Mentee program x2
Socials x2
Inter-personal tabling
Focusing efforts on department specific events x2
Find out what members want to get out of your organization; What does your organization offer x1
Present at other organizations’ GBMs x1
Create workshops for younger/unskilled members to gain technical skills x1
Inform students about opportunities available to them.
Outreach events, going to high schools
Relevant class announcements
Wednesday “New Member Lectures” to help teach new members
Have a good relationship with your department, so they recommend you.
Letters to parents
Info Sessions
Announce in classes / advertise in person whenever possible.
9/20/2015BEC Leadership RetreatOutreach EventsNSBE - Pro College Initiative
Humane Society x2
Gator Game Day Green Team
Hospital Kids Volunteering
Beach Cleanups
Citizen Scientist Training x2
Ronald McDonald House x2
Habitat For Humanity x4
K-12 Tutoring/Outreach x7
Middle School Science Fair Judging x2
Animal Shelters
Local outreach to High/Middle Schools, Libraries
St. Francis House
Raising Money for Shand’s Children’s Hospital
Bread of the Almighty
Road Cleanups x1
Cade Museum
Girl Scouts
Girl to Young Ladies
Hope Lodge
Ashton Biological Preserve
Mill Creek Retirement Farm for Houses