Engineers’ Week 2016 Assistant Director Applications Open!

Published: September 9th, 2015

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The Engineers’ Week 2016 Assistant Director Applications are now open!
They close on Wednesday, September 23rd at 11:59PM.

Engineers’ Week at the University of Florida is a two-week celebration, hosted by the Benton Engineering Council through UF’s College of Engineering, that aims to recognize engineers’ contribution to modern social development through a series of fun, interactive, and informative events. While Engineers’ Week aims to celebrate engineers, the events also underscore the relationship between engineering and all other fields of study, from fine arts and journalism to liberal arts and social sciences.

Some committees are very technical, involving web development and open-source programming, other positions focus on public relations among students, faculty and industry, financial management, event planning, leadership, or all of the above.

This is an amazing opportunity to get to know your peers, UF administration, and a little about your own leadership potential.

Please submit the application below and email your resume if you are interested in a position. Feel free to comment on here with any questions. You can also email the executive director, Samantha Soto, at!