President’s Handbook

The President’s Handbook is a suggestion guide for society presidents within the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida.

Before reading though the rest of this packet, remember that in order to be a BEC society, you must first register with Student Activities and Involvement.

The information found in this book is by no means intended to be final commands on how to run your society, but rather a collection of facts and recommendations which will supplement the learning and transition process for society presidents. Only you, as your society’s president, know how to best run your organization. The only information which should be followed with absolute diligence is that related to the SG Finance process, as that is mandated by Student Government and must be abided by in order to successfully receive money from SG.

Feel free to flip directly to the sections which are most relevant at the moment. However, read through the rest of the handbook when you get the chance! BEC is always here to help.

Download The HWCOE President’s Handbook Here