SG Funding

Student Government Funding

The Benton Engineering Council receives funding through the Board of College Councils (BOCC) under UF Student Government's 'Academic' line. This funding is then allocated to our funded organizations by the BEC. These funds are allocated under the following byline items: Programs, Advertising, Awards, Food, Copies, and Travel. The BEC received $83,014.31 from student government for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

SG Funding by Line Item

The Benton Engineering Council received the following amounts for the following bylines:

  • Programs: $37,834.47
  • Advertising: $4,810.23
  • Awards: $926.00
  • Food: $7,500.30
  • Travel: $30,907.00
  • Total: $83,014.00
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Funding by Org

There are 50 funded organizations under BEC for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The current allocations, after and reallocations, are reflected in the chart on the left.

BEC Budget Status

Funding requests for SG funding under BEC are facilitated by the Docutraq system. BEC tracks all funding request through our live tracking system. The current budget status is reflected in the chart on the right.

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